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what to wear for your newborn photos in Denver

Those early days of having a newborn baby feels dreamy, exhausting, love-filled and cozy. Thinking about having to actually get out of pajamas and dress an ever-changing body can feel daunting, and then actually planning on what to wear for newborn photos so that everyone looks good… talk about stressful!

What Moms Should Wear In Newborn Portraits

Dresses are so flattering on any type of body, especially one that seems to be changing daily! It wasn’t until my own newborn photo session with my third baby that I was happy with the way I dressed. I wasn’t trying to squeeze into pre-pregnancy jeans or trying on unflattering top after top – all things that just plummet your confidence.

Some moms want to wear a shirt that is loose fitting, but wearing a flowy top does not photograph well, nor does a too tight shirt.

I also suggest staying away from super dark or bright colors as you don’t want the color to cast on to your new babe.

mom cuddles her newborn baby in Southmoor

I wore a dress that was flattering, and didn’t accentuate the things I didn’t want accentuated. A new mom’s world is turned upside down, and I’m just trying to make it easier.

It is SO hard knowing how to dress for a postpartum body, especially when it’s your first baby. I’ve chosen dresses of various colors, styles and patterns to fit all kinds of tastes.

parents kiss their newborn baby as they do baby portraits in Denver

What Should Your Husband Wear For A Newborn Session

Then you just need to have your husband worry about what he’s wearing – generally a plain t-shirt, button down or henley with jeans or muted colored pants. He can be comfortable!

I suggest that you stay away from loud patterns or bright plaid or checkered shirts. Baby tends to get swallowed up in all that color. Also, don’t feel like you need to be dressy (i.e. a sports coat), as that’s not the look we’re going for.

We want laidback at home images of life with your newborn. I even recommend bare feet for this session.

dad kisses his newborn baby boy's hands during portraits

What Should Your Baby Wear For A Newborn Portrait Session

Baby looks best in a plain onesie. Less is more for this session. White or light colored onesie is great. Then we can see baby’s legs, feet and little toes.

I’ll also bring various swaddles in different colors that work well with what you are wearing. Newborns love being cozy and warm in a swaddle so it makes for a happy baby.

Whatever you do, forgo the intricate outfits, too big clothing or fussy dresses or pants. You can save that for when they’re bigger if that’s your style.

at home newborn portrait of a baby boy
newborn baby yawns as he gets baby photos done in Denver

While you finish up with the hair and makeup artist, and get dressed, I’ll start photographing baby on his own. That allows you to finish getting ready and be relaxed.

parents kiss as their baby snuggles close during Denver newborn portraits

I just adored this family and baby! They were a dream to work with and I’m so excited to deliver them a newborn album to enjoy forever, as well as a framed fine art print of their beautiful family.

dad cuddles his newborn baby boy
newborn baby with his dog during family portraits in Denver
dad kisses his newborn baby in Denver
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