Photos that spark joy.

Close your eyes. Think of a moment that happened with your kids this week that instantly makes you smile. Was it a look? A giggle? A hug? A ridiculous spinning jump off the couch?

That. That’s the spark of joy I want to capture for you.

Those moments of deep connection that only you will ever have with your kids. The indescribable bond you share and the beauty of your everyday life. I want to give you photos that remind you, on your best days and your tough days, that all this work was worth it. That you have built a life worth remembering.

"Ohhh my goodness this woman!!!"

She has the most beautiful eye for catching a family’s love and true heart!! She handles everything to make you feel beautiful, taken care of, and sooooo stress free. That was such a weight off being so pregnant and then being a mama of a toddler and a newborn! The day we received the photos was a day of such excitement & astonishment of the pure beauty captured!!! She captured the most perfect photos and I cried tears both times!!!

If you’re back & forth on family photos or even photographers, you found it!
She’s amazing and I’d hire her 1000x over!!!

– C’eirra Stockwell

It's Kara... car-uh

I wish I was brave enough to show you the photos my husband has taken of me with our three kids. Bless his heart. He tries, he really does. But they are … terrible.

Every mom deserves photos of herself with her kids that she loves. That she feels proud to display on the walls of her home. Every day, you’re building a life with each other worth celebrating and remembering. I want to make sure you have those moments documented.


I’ve been a photographer longer than I’ve been a mom, but I’ll bring my expertise in both to help you love the experience of family photos, from start to finish.

photographer sitting in a chair in her studio
photographer holding framed photograph

Ever wish you could just outsource your family photos entirely?

Honestly? You kinda can.

We all want the finished product: the photos printed, framed, and hanging beautifully on the wall. But the process of getting there can feel daunting.

Lemme help. What if I told you that I’ll help you pick the location, bring outfits to your home, send a professional hair and makeup artist to you, do the entire photo shoot in less than an hour, edit your images within two weeks, help you choose your favs, design an album or gallery wall with you, and send a professional installer to your home to hang everything? Sound too good to be true? (It’s not.)

"The support and ease just kept coming."

“When she said she would send a hair and makeup artist to my house, she had me at hello. When she said she had a client wardrobe so I didn’t have to shop for a dress, and I loved the dresses, mic drop. I wanted to buy them for myself! She brought the clothes to me and picked it up afterward. The things that made my life easier just kept coming. Positive on positive. I felt like even though my focus was on the baby, she treated me like the star of the show too. Kara also deeply empathized with everything I was going through as a new mom and lifted the mental burden off of me in every way. And the images gave me ALL the feels: she captured everything I ever wanted to remember.”

– Ashley're wondering
what's the difference between
me and someone who
will just give you all the digitals?

It's a fair question.

I’m telling you right now that you can find a less expensive photographer in Denver. Why am I being so forward? Because you deserve to have the photo experience you want. And that might not be with me. And that’s OK.

I don’t want you to take the time to book a session, get the family all ready, do the shoot, carefully create beautiful images together, and then have them sit in a folder on your computer for the next 5 years.

I want you to live in your memories.

I want you to enjoy them, glancing up at your beautiful family on the hard days, when you might need a lil reminder that the life you’ve built together is so special.

P.S. You can totally get digitals too. More info on that here.


“Kara was so wonderful to work with! She was incredibly organized, helped us pick out the right clothes and venue for the shoot, and made the whole process so easy."

We really wanted to capture our 1-year-old, but were a little nervous that he wouldn’t want anything to do with someone taking pictures of him. We also wanted our family to be captured in a natural way. Kara made us all feel comfortable to get more amazing pictures then we could have imagined. And, after the shoot, she helped us pick out what are now some of the best framed art we have in our house. I will be using Kara for all of our family photos moving forward and would recommend her to anyone!”

– Tulley Stapp