I’m not like all the other girls.

And neither are you.

Family photos don’t need to be difficult.

Let me handle everything for you.

Every family photographer wants to tell you that the experience they provide is special. But when I say that what I do is different, I need you to believe me.

We are going for full service here. The full monty. All I care about is you not having to worry about a thing. You’re gonna feel like a million bucks during this shoot and when you look at the photos. And we’re gonna get those photos printed, so you can enjoy the thing you invested in. So you can look back on these days and feel so damn proud of yourself for the amazing job you did.

“If you want a truly AMAZING photographer, look no further! Kara is your girl!!”

She truly has a gift of capturing precious moments in time that you will look back on with such great joy. Each time I see one of her pictures hanging in my house or looking through an album, I smile. She has a way of working with families that seems so natural and effortless. I remember our first session with Kara and how nervous I was because our kids were acting a little cranky. I was blown away by how many stunning and creative pictures she took in spite of the chaos. I seriously wanted to order every single picture. Not only is she a great photographer but she is highly professional. She is an excellent communicator and her turnaround time for pictures is quick. Can’t recommend her enough!

– Megan Cazer

Let’s cut to the chase:

All session fees are $300.

“What’s included in that price?”

I’m so glad you asked:

– Professional Hair + Makeup
– Access to my entire client wardrobe (for women and girls up to size 6T)
– Styling guidance for the whole family
– Location scouting and instruction
– 1-hour session
– In-home viewing and ordering session

Products and digital images are offered a la carte. Clients invest between $950-$2500+.

I also offer Simple Studio Sessions. They are 15 minutes long with a session fee of $200, with clients investing $850+.

“What products can I buy from you?”

You’re very good at asking the right questions:

We can do heirloom albums, framed artwork, and of course digital images too. Not only will I help you choose which images to print, I’ll come to your home to help you design a gallery wall and send a professional installer to hang it. It’s all included in your purchase. Aaaaaand, you’ll get the digital file for every image included in your album. You’ll also get every high-resolution digital file from our session if you meet a minimum in products ordered.



Custom Wall Art

You know that wall in your house that you have no idea what to do with? You know you want something there, but it’s too big for you to tackle alone?

I know what to put there and I’ll help you design it. And I’ll send my guy (his name is Chris) to install it.

For free.

Heirloom Albums

The albums I create last for literal lifetimes. Your kid’s kids will be able to look through these albums and see their family history, beautifully preserved.

And, when you buy an album, you’ll receive all the digital files of photos that you chose.

For free.

I have answers to questions you don’t even know you have yet.

Family portrait clients book a few months out, newborn clients book 1-4 months out. When I can, I always try to work people in last minute, but availability will be more limited, especially during my busy months. I take a specific amount of clients each month so as to give great attention to each.

For maternity, I suggest doing your portraits between 28-33 weeks. Any less, and it may be hard to see the bump; any more, and you are OVER.IT. Here is some maternity photography advice that may help.

For newborn photos, I like to do them before they are 2 weeks old as baby acne can set in and they are itty-bitty. But if you miss that window, no worries! Since I do lifestyle newborn photography, I’ve done 6 week olds.

Whether you’re boho or classic, jeans and blouse or a maxi dress – I’ll help you piece it all together.

Once you book, I will send you a link to my client wardrobe for women and girls, as well as a styling guide for you to get ideas based on your style and age of children. You are able to purchase clothes from there or shop your closet. Remember – complementing, not matching!

All newborn portraits are taken in my Platte Park studio or at your home. Do not worry about the mess. I just need a small corner of a room to make things work.

For family portraits, at your home, backyard, a park or favorite spot are all good. If you have children under 3, I highly suggest at least starting at your house so we meet somewhere they are comfortable. Here are some of my favorite family portrait locations in Denver.

Family sessions are generally 45-70 minutes long. If your family is rocking it, then I won’t keep you longer if we’ve gotten the shots I want. If your family takes a little longer to warm up, no problem! There’s really no time limit, but I will say with almost 2 decades of experience, I’m efficient.

Newborn sessions take about 45-90 minutes. Baby leads the session, so if baby needs to eat, then baby gets what baby wants – ha!

The session fee covers my time and talent for our session, as well as my time editing the images. All digitals, prints, albums and wall art are ordered a la carte at your Viewing and Ordering Appointment which takes place about a week after your session. All of my albums and wall art include the matching digital. I also offer various digital only collections.

Sure, we can do a sunrise session! Why not? Your kids are up early, happy and ready to rumble.

But if you’re not an early riser, then yes, 1.5-2 hours before sunset is prime time to get that golden light. Feed your littles an early dinner and then let them get the wiggles out during our session. I’ve found this works best for kids 1.5 years and older.

Obviously beautiful light is useless if your kids are melting down, so if you don’t think your kids can make it, then we can look into a mid-morning time slot, and shoot at a location that has open shade.

Listen, your kids just keep growing. Time doesn’t stop. I see families miss out on capturing years of family memories because of their own insecurities about their appearance. And I have been there – trust me! (Hello 3 kids!)

Even if you are carrying a few extra pounds and feeling self-conscious about your appearance, please trust me when I saw wearing the right dress, paired with professional hair and makeup, and being posed by a professional photographer will make quite a difference. You’ll not only look, but (more importantly!) FEEL, amazing!

Don’t wait for the perfect time to book photos, because most likely that doesn’t exist.

“Kara is an amazing photographer and a pleasure to work with, whatever vision you have in mind.

She captures the moment beautifully. This was our second time working with Kara and we had a blast and love seeing our pictures on the wall every day.”

– Alexi Perkins