Denver Family Photographer

Your life is full.
Of the good stuff,

the hard stuff, the fun stuff, and the rough stuff. There’s so much you want to remember. You want time to stop as desperately as you want it to speed up.

At night, when you load the dishwasher for the millionth time, what do you think about?

Maybe a deadline at work, or packing lunches tomorrow, or your grocery list. You glance down at your hands and think about how desperately you want a manicure.

You Think about the Kids:

Should we attempt a family hike this weekend?
Do they eat enough vegetables?
Wasn’t it adorable how she said “I love you” tonight?

Your life is full. You want time to stop as desperately as you want it to speed up. There’s so much
you want to remember and you also would like to just take a long nap. Alone.

I can help with the time stopping part. And I can make sure it doesn’t add stress to your plate.
Family photos don’t need to feel obligatory. They can feel—dare I say—fun!

“As a busy mom of two, it takes a great effort to print off photos and add to a real life album, all to find that the few shots of myself or husband are selfies.”

A session with Kara is natural, fun and shows us living life with our kids, something that will be cherished as we all get older. Although I hate being in front of the camera, the ease of the experience and the gorgeous photos quickly become family favorites.

– Jocelyn Cockrum

How easy is easy peasy?

Here's exactly how this works:

You reach out, right here on the site and I get back to you ASAP with a link to book a call. Honestly, I try to save you as much time as possible and the phone call will save us each about 7 emails! After our chat, I’ll send you over a custom proposal for whatever kind of shoot you’re after.

Once you book, I immediately schedule a professional hair and makeup artist for you and send you my style guide and a link to my client wardrobe. You have access to everything I own for your shoot. (I’ll even drop the clothes off if you want to try things on before the session!)

It’s session day! You’ll look and feel fabulous, and I’ll only take an hour of your time. You’ll worry if the kids are too rowdy, but I’ll know they were perfectly themselves. (By the end of the session, I will be so excited to get home and edit the images for you!)

A week later, we’ll get together at your house to view your photos, check out what prints might work for specific walls, pick out your very favorites for an album, and finalize your order.

Within 4-6 weeks, your products will come in and I will hand deliver them to you! Chris, my installer, will come to hang any artwork. (And yes, it’s all included!)

“I cannot recommend Kara enough!”

She is very laid back and puts everyone at ease immediately. Our kids had a blast playing and laughing with her, you almost forget she’s even got her camera, which makes for very authentic and candid shots. She’s clearly not a soccer-mom-turned-side-hustle photographer. Her eye for light, composition and angles clearly shows she’s a pro with a ton of experience.

I can’t wait for Kara to photograph our growing family for many years to come!”

– Megan Graff

Hot take: if you’re not gonna print your photos…

I’m not sure it’s worth it to get them taken at all

I did so many shoots when my kids were little where I just got all the digitals. Which would have been fine if I had the time and energy to do anything with them. I was working full time, trying to grow my business, taking care of babies, and doing exactly what you do: managing an entire household.

I wish I had given myself the gift of ease. I wish I had paid someone to handle all the album printing and framing for me. Because of that experience, I rebuilt my entire business model to take the mental load off mothers and get your photos into your real life.