Cherry Blossom Family Portraits in City Park

newborn family photos in City Park

Cherry Blossom Family Portraits In City Park


Only 6 spots available!

When: May 4, 2022 from 5-7:30pm

PRICE: $450; includes 5 digital files (with option to purchase additional digitals and product) PLUS use of my client wardrobe for women and girls

WHERE: City Park


What to Wear For Cherry Blossom Sessions

I just adore this family. Their new baby fits in perfectly and is as just as smiley and happy as his new family. City Park is a beautiful location for portraits with the cherry blossom trees in the spring. There are white and pink blossoms, and photograph so delicately and prettily – it’s hard to pass up! They only last a few weeks each other, especially if the spring snow stays away.

Whites, creams, sages and pinks photograph beautifully with cherry blossoms. Think spring time wardrobe. You don’t want anything that’s too heavy.

Unposed Family Portraits

It’s a pleasure to photograph families over and over. You get to know them and their children. There is just a great connection I earn by spending time with them. I also find out quickly if their child is a ham or shy, a little naughty or goofy. Everyone responds to the camera differently. I can tell right away how quickly their parents take pictures of them because those children start saying “Cheese!” as soon as I pull my camera out.

They quickly forget I’m there though, and go off to do their own thing. A family session is mainly about playing though we sneak in some family portraits but my main goal with those is for them to look natural, much like those shown here.

Why Do Cherry Blossom Portraits

These type of family portraits are the ones I want hanging on my walls. It doesn’t feel too stuffy and really does offer a memory of this time in your life.

There is a family bliss that occurs after adding a new child to the folds of your family. I am so honored to get to capture that time, and it makes me nostalgic for it with my own family. I want you to be taken back to that time period – feel a little tug in your heart and allow your photos to serve as a wonderful memory of those years.

When To Do Cherry Blossom Portraits in Denver

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine! I drive around the city on a cherry blossom hunt. Searching for trees that look like they’re about to bloom. I’ll pull my car over to check to see if a branch has buds on it.

It could be anytime between mid-April to early-May. And then we have to worry about snowstorms killing them all off! So… if you are considering a cherry blossom session, and why not? They are oh so sweet. Let me know you want to do one and I’ll put you on my list. Flexibility is key here. We’ll pencil in a date but more it around if necessary – kind of like a newborn session. You just never know when it’ll actually happen.

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