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Senior Portraits in Golden

I have photographed Jane and her family a few times, (and incidentally bought my first house from them!) and to think that she’s a senior already makes my head spin. How does time go so quickly?! As a kid, time seemed to stand still, especially right before Christmas or my birthday. Now as an adult, it seems like it’s in hyper speed.

Jane wanted to have a little bit of a city vibe to her photos, but then also wanted some with nature. Downtown Golden was the perfect spot for it. We met on a weekend evening, and wandered around downtown before heading over to the river area. About 10 years ago, I worked as a photographer for the newspaper that served Golden and the surrounding suburbs. It was fun photographing in a town where I’d spent some time.

The best time for portraits is either sunrise or about 1.5 hours before sunset. That’s when you get that beautiful, glowing light aka “Golden Hour.” It’s flattering for everyone, not as hot and adds great color to photographs. Of course, we can do your photo session anytime of day, because I say happy kids = great photo session and not all kids are happy at sunset times.

Senior portraits are a special time, especially for the parents. They take a minute to actually look and see their child and end up finding an adult. It’s a hard and happy time, full of transitions. My kids are little but when I think about this day I find it a little hard to breathe. These photos are generally the last ones they do until they get married, so I understand how important they are.

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