Golden engagement | Liz and Brad

Liz and Brad just moved here from New Jersey, and couldn’t be less Jersey if they tried. They seem like they’re born and raised Colorado – laid-back, outdoorsy, love their dog – you get the idea. They are just so cute together. I told Liz that my husband still gives me crap about me in our wedding pictures because I never looked at him lovingly the way Liz looks at Brad. I was always looking at the camera or somewhere else.

They were so natural in front of the camera – one of my easiest shoots! They were just themselves, being sweet and lovey. I’m excited for their wedding next June!

natural engagement photo

Colorado engagement

Denver engagement shoot

unique engagement photo

Golden engagement photography

Golden engagement session

engagement in Golden

Golden engagement

And then this guy decided to swim in his boxers – hilarious.

Denver engagement photo

And, there he goes!

Clear Creek engagement photo

photojournalistic engagement

engagement photography in Clear Creek

black and white engagement

Denver engagement photography

Golden park engagement

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