The Difference Between Newborn and Family Photo Sessions

mother with her three children at home

Family vs Newborn Portraits

I sometimes get asked what the difference is between family and newborn photo sessions. Well, there is none. I think people hear newborn and think that the session will only include images of their baby.

That couldn’t be further from the truth! I take photos of everyone. It feels like a family session, just with a new baby! We play, joke around, jump on the bed. It should all feel relaxed.

I also often get asked if older siblings can be in the photos. HECK YES! I loooooove documenting that new sibling relationship. It can be fraught with a little jealousy or it can be full of smothering kisses.

family photograph of three children with parents

How to Prepare For a Session

Let your kids know that the photographer is coming over to play and have fun. Put zero pressure on the kids. Don’t ask them to smile. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve.

As for the newborn, if you can feed baby prior to our session that is helpful. Also, have a pacifier handy. I’ll bring swaddles, a sound machine and my baby whispering skills.

portrait of a toddler in denver
toddler boy portrait in Denver
newborn baby girl at home

Should I Wait Until Baby Is Older?

I mean, sure, if you want baby portraits instead. But NO, I wouldn’t wait! This newborn phase is so short-lived. Also, some of my favorite photos of my own kids is during that honeymoon newborn phase. The gentle cuddles and kisses from the older siblings, watching the relationship form and having images of that is priceless.

photo of three children under four years old.

Some of my favorite sessions are newborn portraits with older siblings. There is a chaos and spontaneity to it. I just love the unexpected and the unpredictable. As a parent, you may be wondering if I am getting anything, but I assure you – I am. Ready to book your newborn or family session? Let’s do it!

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