Baby’s First Year : Harris is 6 months

baby portraits denver

Baby’s First Year Portraits

My oh my! This little girl is a doll! She is so sweet. Harris literally smiled the entire shoot and didn’t make a peep and is just happily growing and curiously watching the world around her.

She’s now a full blown baby – take a look at her newborn portraits. We had fun trying to balance her to a sitting position. She managed to do it for a few seconds before toppling over. I love watching babies grow into new stages. From newborn to sitting and giggling to walking. That’s what it so wonderful about the first year packages.

Never again will your child change as much as they do in that first year of life.


baby six month portraits

six month old portraits

first year baby portraits Denver

chubby baby legs

baby eating first foods

baby's first year

mom cuddling with 6 month old baby girl

baby on bed

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