Lake Michigan Engagement Portraits In Chicago
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Lake Michigan Engagement Portraits In Chicago

There is nothing like Chicago’s Lake Michigan in the summer. The cool blue water laps alongside the bike lanes and the wind ruffles your hair. It makes for a popular place to take engagement photos. Andrew and Carrie wanted to showcase Chicago’s more natural side near Lincoln Park Zoo. We wandered around and then made our way over the Lincoln Park Passerelle (Lincoln Park Pedestrian Overpass). That led us over Lake Shore Drive and onto the lakefront. The wind was whipping around. I asked Andrew to grab Carrie and not let her go. He held her tightly as she tried to escape his grasp. This image brings back how carefree it feels to be young, in love and secure in your relationship. They had so much fun enjoying each other and it is just a treat to capture that. In my portrait work, I want people to be themselves. To showcase their quirks, their inner child, their love and their beauty. Sure, I pose them but then I want them to fall out of that pose. It’s all about the small moments where they smile at each other or have a certain look in their eye. I chose to make this image black and white because it really focused on their emotion, as opposed to what they were wearing. I wanted to focus on their joy. I used my Nikon D700 and my Sigma 85mm f/1.4 to really make them pop from their background.

Location: 2001 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60614.

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