Denver Head Shots near Larimer Square
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Denver Head Shots near Larimer Square

As the CEO and owner of his company, Daniel needed head shots quickly for an upcoming article in Forbes. He wanted something natural, attractive and easy. We met at his office in downtown Denver, photographed some inside using the window light. Then we went outside, and used the urban setting of Denver as the background for the rest. 

To get a natural smile and appealing look, I try to talk and laugh with my clients. The shoot feels like a conversation - with photos in between sentences. 

Natural light is flattering on all skin types, which is why I like to shoot in it. I photographed this with my Nikon D750 and my 70-200mm as well as my 85mm. Longer lenses have a nice compression that really captures portraits beautifully. 

Downtown Denver is a great place for head shots. It gives an urban edge to your portraits, plus there are a ton of backgrounds and colors to choose from to really match your brand. Starting in your office space is nice because then we can get some images with a clean background, or in an office setting. 

For head shots, I like to capture your personality - who you really are: strong, attractive, demure, sweet.

Location: Denver, CO.