About Kara


The goal is for you to find timeless beauty and emotion in your printed images.

I am a Chicago girl at heart who just can't shake the beauty of Colorado.

Summer nights, IPAs, hiking and the sales rack at Anthropologie are a few of my favorite things.

• In 2003, I began my 6-year career as a newspaper photographer.

• In 2005, I photographed my first wedding.

• In 2008, I went full-time as a wedding and portrait photographer, and since then have photographed hundreds of weddings and families.

My approach to your wedding and family portraits is as a photojournalist. I feel like I am being let in on a secret when photographing families and weddings - the moments, love and relationships I am privy to are just awesome.

Some behind the scenes looks of me at work

In 2009, I married a great guy named Bryan in Denver.

We now have a wonderful, crazy boy named Harlan, a not-so-baby-anymore baby girl, Colette and our sweet old dog, Tucker and 9-lives cat, Cash.

Having two kids of my own - I get that family portraits may seem stressful. I try to take that all away.

My own crazies...

To view my latest work, head over to Instagram: KaraPearsonFoto


phone: 970.319.6374

I'd love to hear from you!

Photos above by Art of Her, Julie Harris, Baby Rose Photography and moi