Family Portrait Pricing

Family Portraits : $250

Sessions last about an hour, and are done on location - meaning at your home, a nearby park, downtown Denver, the foothills - or a combination of two nearby locations.

Remember, kids are happier in environments they are familiar with. I suggest we start at your house and can always move on from there. Children, especially younger ones, really benefit with meeting me on their turf. They warm up much faster to me.

Also, kids like activities, and if kids are happy, then parents are happy and that equals better photos.

Activity examples: bike riding, blowing bubbles, bath time, cookie baking, coloring, playing dress up. The entire shoot doesn’t have to be filled with activities, but to move kids into an activity when they need a change of pace is super helpful.

Wall art, digital photos, albums, etc., are all available for purchase at your Premiere + Order Session. What's that, you ask? Well, see below.

Fun Family Portraits With Kid Jumping In Puddles

What happens after our session?

About a week after our session, I'll meet you either at my studio or your home for our Premiere + Order Session. This is when you and your spouse get to view a slideshow of your images, choose favorites and decide what to actually do with your photos. I ask that all decision makers be present, as your order will be finalized at this point.

My priority is for you to have your images printed in a way that fits your style - in your home and also how you use it.

Some families love pouring over albums, while others would rather have wall art they see daily. The majority of my clients like a combination of both.

I have been a full-time family and wedding photographer for more than 10 years, and I can tell you that digitals are what people think they want. Printed product is what they actually want. Are you going to sit in front of your computer and reminisce over family portraits? I don't think so. But I know you all want to share your cute families on social media and maybe even print a 4x6 for Grandma. That's why I offer digitals on a sliding scale. The more prints and products you purchase, the less expensive digitals are.

Ok, let's do this!