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Happy Mother’s Day!

This is my first Mother’s Day celebrating being a mom. In a short 9 months, Harlan has changed my life for the better. Sure, there are some days that I would love to have no responsibility and go out with the girls for a drink or travel somewhere on a whim, but I wouldn’t trade the lack of sleep (and boy is there lack of sleep) and crying jags for anything.

When I was pregnant with Harlan, I heard a segment on NPR which said “parents report significantly more meaning in their lives than non-parents, even though on a day-to-day basis parenting may be a grind.” (and boy can it be a grind…) And as corny as it sounds, it’s true. He’s given more meaning to the big and little things in my life.

Here’s a big cheers to all the moms out there. No one knows how hard your job is til they have it.

Denver mother's day portrait

Newborn (photo by Kimberly Mitiska)                                                                                                  8.5 months

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