1. Della Terra Wedding Photography
  2. Breckenridge Wedding Photography
  3. Vail Wedding Photography
  4. Denver Botanic Gardens Wedding Portrait
  5. Wedding Ceremony At The Broad Axe Barn
  6. Vail Wedding Photography Dad Hugs Bride
  7. Uley's Cabin Wedding Photography
  8. Boulder Central Park Wedding Ceremony
  9. Bridgeport Connecticut Wedding Photography
  10. Barr Mansion Wedding Photography Austin
  11. The 10th Wedding Ceremony Vail Mountain
  12. Boulder Wedding Photography BMOCA
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  14. Connecticut Wedding Photographer
  15. Massachusetts Wedding Photographer
  16. Swiss Wedding In Colorado With Alpenhorns
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  20. Osborn Farm Wedding in Longmont
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  23. Bride Wearing Red Wedding Dress
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  31. Northwestern University Wedding Ceremony
  32. Westcliff Newport Rhode Island Wedding
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  34. Uley's Cabin Wedding Reception
  35. Devil's Thumb Ranch Wedding Reception
  36. Garden of the Gods Club Wedding
  37. Crested Butte Wedding Photo
  38. Seawall Ballroom Wedding Reception
  39. Chicago Wedding Photography At The Drake
  40. The Drake Wedding Reception
  41. Denver Botanic Gardens Wedding Photographer
  42. Black Canyon Inn Wedding Photography Estes Park
  43. Denver Country Club Wedding Reception
  44. Crooked Willow
  45. Crooked Willow Farms Wedding Reception
  46. Wedding Reception At Crooked Willow Farms
  47. University of Colorado Boulder Wedding Portrait
  48. Best Colorado Springs Wedding Venue
  49. Wedding With A Butterfly Release
  50. Denver Botanic Gardens Tented Wedding Reception
  51. Boulder Wedding Photography
  52. Barn At Evergreen Wedding Portrait
  53. Denver Botanic Gardens Tented Wedding Reception Photographs
  54. Wedding Reception At The Drake In Chicago
  55. Semple Mansion Wedding Portrait
  56. Evergreen Wedding Portrait
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  58. Winter Park Devil's Thumb Ranch Wedding
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  61. Beaver Creek Wedding Portrait
  62. Winter Park Wedding Photography
  63. Gold Hill Wedding Photography
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  65. Wedding Photography in Denver Botanic Gardens
  66. Space Gallery
  67. Wedding Ceremony At Crooked Willow Farms
  68. Wedding Ceremony At The Sanctuary
  69. Piney River Ranch Wedding Portraits
  70. BMoCA Wedding Reception Photography
  71. Brown Palace Wedding Ceremony
  72. Wedding Ceremony Atop Crested Butte Mountain
  73. Piney River Ranch Wedding Reception
  74. The 10th Wedding Reception
  75. The Sanctuary Wedding Reception
  76. Wedding Reception At The Sanctuary
  77. Cielo At Castle Pines Wedding Ceremony
  78. Denver Country Club Wedding Ceremony
  79. Jewish Orthodox Wedding Ceremony At The Seawall Ballroom
  80. Deer Creek Valley Ranch Wedding Ceremony
  81. Denver Wedding Photography
  82. Bridesmaid Portrait At Denver Country Club
  83. Paonia Wedding Reception
  84. Garden Of The Gods Wedding Portrait
  85. Cat Walking Thru Wedding Ceremony At Crooked Willow Farms
  86. Westcliff Wedding Ceremony
  87. Winter Wedding In Chicago At The Drake
  88. Elopement At Devil's Thumb Ranch
  89. Space Gallery Wedding
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  99. Wedding Ceremony at Denver
  100. Napa Valley Wedding Ceremony
  101. Wedding At The Sanctuary In Sedalia
  102. V3 Ranch Wedding In Breckenridge
  103. Groom Portrait at Napa Valley Wedding
  104. Wedding Portrait At Semple Mansion In Minneapolis
  105. Bridal Portrait At The Sanctuary
  106. Napa Valley Wedding Portrait
  107. Jewish Orthodox Wedding In Denver
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  114. Devil's Thumb Ranch Wedding Portrait
  115. Jewish Orthodox Wedding Ceremony
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  118. Vail Wedding
  119. Wedding Ceremony At Denver Botanic Gardens
  120. Denver Bride With Birdcage Veil
  121. Semple Mansion Bridal Portrait
  122. Vail Mountain Wedding Portrait
  123. Donovan Pavilion Wedding Ceremony
  124. First Look At Crooked Willow Farms
  125. Wedding Photography At Devil's Thumb Ranch
  126. Bridal Portrait At Denver Country Club
  127. Washington D.C. Wedding Ceremony
  128. Wedding Ceremony At Cielo at Castle Pines
  129. Lesbian Wedding At Cordillera
  130. Bride Getting Ready At Connecticut Wedding
  131. Denver Wedding Ceremony In The Highlands
  132. Pennsylvania Wedding Photograph
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  136. Bride And Groom Laying In Grass
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  138. Paonia Wedding Ceremony
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  140. Zion National Park Wedding Ceremony Photography
  141. Wedding At Denver Botanic Gardens
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  143. Jewish Wedding Ceremony At Beano's Cabin In Beaver Creek
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  146. Napa Bride With Cascading Bouquet
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  149. Washington D.C. Bride
  150. Wedding Reception In Salida
  151. Barr Mansion Wedding Ceremony
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  153. Wedding Ceremony At Barr Mansion In Austin Texas
  154. Salida Wedding Ceremony
  155. Black Canyon Inn Wedding Portrait
  156. Highlands Ranch Mansion Wedding Dress
  157. Flowergirl At Barr Mansion In Austin,
  158. Mother Laughing With Bride At Barr Mansion
  159. Wedding Ceremony At Barr Mansion
  160. Bride Getting Ready In Napa
  161. Groom Crying During Salida Wedding Ceremony
  162. Sunset Wedding Portrait At Barr Mansion In Austin Texas
  163. Wedding Band Portrait At Semple Mansion
  164. Wedding Reception At Seawall Ballroom
  165. Exiting A Wedding
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Denver Wedding Photography

This gallery showcases a variety of my wedding photography in Denver, throughout Colorado, in Breckenridge, Vail, Aspen, Crested Butte, Winter Park and Golden. I also photograph destination weddings nationwide in New York City, NY; Yellowstone National Park; Boston, MA; Napa Valley, Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; Newport, Rhode Island; Washington, D.C.; and Minneapolis, MN.

Since 2005 (and then becoming a full-time wedding photographer in 2009) I have photographed more than 150 weddings and feel confident in my ability to photograph any wedding in any situation. I’ve photographed wedding ceremonies in dark churches, outdoors after sunset, at high noon in bright sunlight, in the snow and in the heat of summer. The location variety of weddings is what is really fun. I’ve photographed weddings on farms, in vineyards, in extravagant ballrooms, at private homes, on mountaintops, in country clubs and in art galleries. I can find the beauty in each space and make my style shine through.

Favorite Wedding Venues in Colorado

I’m constantly finding new wedding venues that become my favorite. As of right now, I have a handful that I recommend. Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, CO, near Winter Park, is an elegant, rustic space that people fall in love with. It lies nestled in a valley, horses wander the fields and mountains surround the space. Many brides wear Jimmy Choos for the ceremony and then slip into cowgirl boots for the reception. That may help describe the vibe of the space for you.

In Vail and Beaver Creek, a few popular venues are Donovan Pavilion, The Tenth, Cordillera, Beano’s Cabin and The Ritz-Carlton at Beaver Creek. They are upscale venues with a rustic mountain vide.

Uley's Cabin in Crested Butte is atop a mountain and a beautiful, secluded venue. Guests ride the ski lift up and then at night they take shuttles down the mountain. It is really a hidden gem in the woods. 

In Denver, the Denver Botanic Gardens and Denver Country Club are both beautiful spots with green space, colorful flowers and large trees. You are able to have both ceremony and reception right there, without having to move your guests around. The various areas of flowers, art and architecture at the Denver Botanic Gardens is a really treat for portraits.

My favorite wedding venues are private ones - backyard weddings, mountain ranches and family homes.

I enjoy photographing weddings because I get to tell a story from front to back. There is tons of emotion, love and nerves. Also, the family and religious traditions are a treat to photograph. I’ve photographed the Tish and Bedeken at Jewish Orthodox weddings as well as ketubah signings at reformed Jewish weddings. I’ve photographed untraditional weddings where couples marry themselves or their dog is their ring bearer. I’ve also photographed full Catholic and Christian wedding ceremonies in grand churches.

After photographing weddings for more than 10 years, you would think it would get boring. But I believe the best ones are yet to come.