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Denver Head Shots    

I am a Denver head shot and lifestyle portrait photographer. This gallery showcases a variety of  professional head shots around Denver. I photograph professionals on location, meaning we can do your portraits at your office, around your building, outside at a park or somewhere else of your choice. Many people like to freshen up their web sites with lifestyle portraits and photos of them at work. I photograph you in flattering light and in flattering angles so that we get good, quality images of you that are creative and professional. 

I do not use fake or white backgrounds. I use natural backgrounds  - a brick wall, a plain colored wall, a cool texture, or I just blur out the background. Generally I use natural light, either outside or window light. I am also able to bring in studio lights. Many artists, restauranteurs, lawyers, doctors, realtors and other creatives have used my photographic services to showcase  their businesses. I try to make each person who stands in front of my camera comfortable. I want to create a timeless portrait of them that they are proud to showcase. 

Each session is either 20 or 45 minutes long. One digital file is included with the shoot, which is chosen from 15-20 images. Additional files are available for purchase. I will help place you in a number of poses, but I also want you to do what feels natural and comfortable. Many people ask what to wear for head shot portraits. I recommend wearing a bright color. Black works as well, but I would stay away from solid white shirts. Accessories like jewelry, hats and low slung scarves are great. I would stay away from large scarves, turtlenecks, tank tops and really wild patterns. Herringbone also doesn’t translate well in photos. Some women choose to get their makeup and/or hair professionally done. It helps boost confidence and obviously doesn’t hurt to look great in your portraits.

People often ask for recommendations on where to shoot their portraits. Some of my favorite locations for outdoor head shots are: downtown Denver near the Convention Center, Civic Center Park and Cheeseman Park.

I love creating photography for Denver business professionals and their websites. Creative lifestyle portraits are a definite boost to any website, LinkedIn page, online dating account or social media page. I’d love to talk to you about your next Denver portrait session!