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Denver Family Portraits

Portraits are a special part of any family memory. To be able to looks back 5,10,15 years at your child at various stages in life is priceless. The baby stage may feel like it lasts forever but once you have a full blown teenager you'll forget his tiny hand wrapped around your finger or the way you cuddled with her on the couch.
Lifestyle family portraits are a great way to Capture life's little moments, and to also capture a few posed family photographs. 

A favorite place to photograph families is right in their home. Clients in Denver, Arvada, Boulder, Highlands Ranch and Englewood choose to use their homes because it holds special memories and their children feel comfortable in an environment they know.

If people don't want to do photographs in their home, there are many parks and popular areas around time. Some favorites are: Wash Park, Daniels Park, McKay Lake, downtown Boulder, downtown Denver and Standley Lake. Honestly though, sometimes your backyard is just as pretty!

I will pose families for their formal portraits, but my approach toward 80% of the shoot is for families to just hang out. For kids to be kids and for mom and dad to take part. I may direct you toward an activity or an area of the house but other than that, I want it to feel natural. I love catching the little moments between parents and their children; the stroke of a cheek, a kiss on the head, a child clutching his favorite stuffed animal while their dad consoles him. When your kids are grown, that's the stuff you remember. The whining and fights become a distant memory, where the sweet moments are impressed on your brain.

About 2-3 weeks after your shoot, I'll come to your home to show you your images as well as samples of prints and products. At that point, I'll help guide you through the ordering process, helping you decide what works best for your style and personal use. Wall art, albums, prints and canvases are popular items that people often purchase.

I generally shoot digital with all my family portraits. If someone would ask for film, I'd be happy to do that. Family pictures in Denver and throughout Colorado