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Kara Pearson Photography is a wedding photographer and portrait photographer specializing in engagement, bridal, ceremony and reception photos, as well as family portraits, baby pictures, boudoir photography and pet photos. Our mission is to create top quality photos into memories that last forever. We service Denver and the surrounding areas: Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs and Colorado Springs, CO.

Call Kara Pearson Photography in Denver at 970-319-6374! Denver Engagement, Wedding, and Reception Photographer Services
Kara is an on-location wedding photographer and portrait photographer specializing in engagement, bridal, ceremony and reception photography. She captures your precious moments and converts the experience to beautiful photographs. Prints are available in color and/or black and white. There are a number of photo packages to fit your needs. Each session and every photo are unique and individual.
Testimonials for Our Wedding Photography
Denver photographer Kara has pleased brides and grooms with quality wedding photos for over 5 years. Visit the photo galleries for examples of her beautiful wedding, engagement, portrait, and reception photography. Here is what clients say about her wedding photography:

"Awesome slideshow! Everyone's going gaga around here. I only wish we could have sat down together and watched it. You've done amazing work ... I wanted to tell you thank you on my own. I'm truly impressed that anyone can produce such cool photos, even w/ me IN them!" -Jon

"They're BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much, I just can't get over how great they are, and how much they really captured the feel of the day!" -Marisa

"I just spoke with the newlyweds from Houston as they await their flight back to Denver. They spent 9 great days diving (getting in 12 dives!), and soaking up some tropical sunshine. From our perspective in Gunnison, that sounds like a terrific place to be. Speaking of terrific, the sneak peak photos on your website are just wonderful! I keep going back in my mind to the wedding, reception, and the events surrounding, warming myself with the memories. Your photos make it all seem real again, and I can hardly wait to see the rest of the photos. Would you mind giving me a heads up when they're available in your web gallery? Thanks so much for being there and recording in such a beautiful and creative way their momentous day. We're so blessed to have such a beautiful person for a daughter-in-law." -Nancy

" I have been off email for the past two days. This morning a relative called me to tell me that she just loved loved the photos, and I pretty much ran to the computer to check them out. They are fantastic!! Kara, you just did a wonderful job. I love the candids of our families; you really captured some lovely shots of our grandparents, just like I asked. And the ones of Aziz and I under that arch outside are just perfect. Also, that shot of the front of Millar with the wedding party beneath it--excellent. I wouldn't have thought you could have pulled that off from that vantage point. So good. And the Beatles-esque shot of Aziz and his dinky friends crossing the street. Love that. You captured that day beautifully-- thank you so much. You were a joy to be around, and you were patient and efficient when our timing got off track. Quite simply, you're a pro. And we will be happy to serve as an enthusiastic reference for you any time you need it--in writing or over the phone, whatever you prefer." -Ayelish

"I don't remember whether I e-mailed you after receiving the prints, so I wanted to be sure to tell you how wonderful they are! I've been stopping people on the street to show them, and no one leaves the office without a showing. I hope you have a wonderful remainder of winter, and thanks again for the excellence of your work in capturing this incredible experience for us all." -Nancy

"There is only one word for you....AMAZING!!!! We just watched the slide show an hour or so ago....and I don't think you missed anything. What a wonderful way for us to relive one of the most blessed days of our lives!! We will be revisiting these over and over I am sure....let's talk about albums and everything else...we will begin to look at the instaproofs in the next few days and can't wait to place our orders!! Thank you so very much for sharing your extensive talents..." -Susan

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About Me

Originally from the Chicagoland area, I moved to Colorado in 2003 after graduating from University of Illinois (go fighting illini!) to pursue my love of photography. For five years, I worked full-time as a photojournalist for the Summit County Daily News and the Glenwood Springs Post Independent. During that time, I began shooting weddings in a photojournalistic style for friends, and quickly found out how much I love being at events where people want me. I love the challenge of telling the story of a couples' wedding day visually, capturing moments that others don't see. I love the raw roller coaster of emotion.

Shooting newborn portraits, baby pictures, child photographs, family portraits, pet photos and boudoir photography is another part of my job that I have fun with. Capturing a personality is an accomplishment. It's one thing to take a picture, but a whole 'nother thing to show what someone is about in a moment. I shoot all my portraits on location, whether it be at a park or your home. You choose the environment in which you're most comfortable.

Traveling around Colorado - Aspen, Vail, Colorado Springs, Breckenridge, Steamboat Springs, the Western Slope - as a wedding photographer is a huge perk. I am willing to travel anywhere to be a part of your big day. My passport is valid and ready to be used. And it helps to have parents who own a travel agency! Travelex International

My work has been published in Sports Illustrated, The Rocky Mountain News, the National Enquirer and various mountain newspapers.

Other than taking photographs, I love hiking and snowshoeing with my husband, Bryan, and our dog, Tucker. I love cooking (and eating), books, 8 o'clock light on a summer night, music, a cold beer, traveling, my new old home, and strolling around Denver.

Can't wait to get to know each other!


• I am privileged to have been one of the five percent accepted as a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association and an internationally-award winning photographer.

• I am also a member of Martha Stewart's Wedding Wire where you can write reviews and see other vendors I know.

A big thank to NOMO for allowing me to use their music on my site, and to Kelley Cox for the photo of me to the right.


I am a photojournalist. I began my career working for newspapers and in more than six years of wedding photography I am convinced that shooting events as a photojournalist – shooting events as they unfold, sneaking candids of guests, and capturing the “moments” between the bride and groom – is the only way to accurately tell the story of your special day. I never fabricate a situation. Instead I pour thought, emotion, anticipation and timing into catching every image as it happens. You’ll of course get all the standard family portraits you want, but I most enjoy providing you with the behind the scenes action and reactions that sum-up the day for your friends and family and are the very memories that you’ll carry with you years from now.


All wedding packages include consultations with the couple, a second photographer, private online photo gallery, hi-res digital files on CD/DVD. Some may include an engagement portrait session, a day of slideshow and album discounts. Packages begin at $2400


Family portraits: $250

Engagement portrait session: $250

Children/baby portraits: $250

Pet portraits: $150

Boudoir Session: $250

Trash the Dress: $250


Three hi-res digital files

Option to purchase high-resolution digital files on a DVD

On-site photo shoots

These sessions generally last 1-2 hours

Links and Love

Brides always ask me for suggestions on wedding venues and vendors in Denver and around Colorado, as well as wedding day tips - so I thought I would consolidate it all on here to help out. I know planning my wedding day was a somewhat stressful event, and I'm just trying to ease the stress for others.

So with these I am giving you some links and sending a little vendor love your way.

Once the day is here, it's a blast and you need to remember to be in the moment!!!

Don't worry about what should happen next, or when the appetizers are going to be served. I remember catching myself thinking during my ceremony, "Ok, next we are going to say our vows, and then kiss and then walk down the aisle." I stopped and reminded myself - listen to what the pastor is saying, soak it in. It only happens once. And have fun!

Wedding Day Tips

#1. Try to sleep in - don't wake up at 6:45am like I did on my wedding day.

#2. Give yourself a little alone time. You are going to be surrounded by people all day. Just take some time for yourself and relax.

#3. Work out, even if it's a 1-mile jog. It will help get the nervous energy out.

#4. Once you've had enough "me" time, hang out with your bridesmaids and family (but only the ones that won't drive you crazy). It was so great going through trash magazines with my girls while we were leisurely getting ready.

#5. On that note, make sure you're getting ready is leisurely. It is not fun to be rushed into looking beautiful - especially on your wedding day. Give yourself a solid 2-3 hours for everyone's hair, make-up, and dressing. You'd rather be waiting an extra 20 minutes to go to the ceremony than making your man wait an extra 20 minutes thinking you're leaving him at the altar.

#6. Pop a bottle of champagne. It does wonders. Then drink some water. We don't want any fainters up there. Trust me - I know.

#7. Breathe

#8. Smile - a lot. Nothing is worse than when I have to remind brides (or grooms) to smile. It's your wedding day - light that face up!

#9. Make sure you have enough time for pictures after the ceremony. If you want family, wedding party, and portraits of you and your husband - 20 minutes is not enough. Make it 60 minutes, giving the guests time to get their cocktail on - you'll be happy 4 weeks down the road when you see the photos. I allotted more than enough time, and still made it back for a bit of the cocktail hour.

#10. Forget about the receiving line - you can't have a good conversation in 30 seconds, and it takes up a lot of time. Just make a point to go around during cocktail hour or after dinner and chit chat.

#11. Talk to your fiancé beforehand about the whole cake cutting thing - nothing is worse than seeing a groom smash cake in his bride's face after she's begged him not to and then seeing her look of horror and anger. You don't want to have a fight on your wedding night.

#12. Dance your pants, er gown, er veil, off!

Vendor Love

Some of these wedding vendors I used on my wedding day, some I've worked with and others I just met and loved. Most, if not all, are based in Denver, but are willing to travel.


Ellen Cara Boulder - Ellen Cara Readio

Swank Stems - Nicole Iverson

Cake makers

Mulberries Cake Shop

Makeup Artists

Denver Makeup Guru - Cynthia Goodberry

Planning Boutique

Bridalize - it's free for brides!


Epicurean Catering

Occasions By Sandy

Biscuits and Berries


Mile High Station
This cement, iron and brick event center used to be an old navy shipping warehouse. It's industrial and modern with a lot of space and a huge bar.

Boettcher Mansion
This old mansion sits atop Lookout Mountain in Golden. It is a great mix of woods, mountain and mansion.

Unviersity of Denver Event Centers
DU has several places to hold your wedding, depending on size and budget. Phipps Tennis Pavillion, Tuscany Ballroom, Cable Center and Phipps Mansion seem to be the most popular.

Space Gallery
This art gallery is a modern space for a wedding under 100.

Hudson Gardens
This venue, located in Littleton, is a colorful, lush spot to hold your wedding and reception.

Wedding Dress Shops

Anna Be

Blue Bridal


Preston Utley Photography

Julie Harris Photography

Moodeous Photography - Kristy Rowe